Current Activities
To All of our Friends,        

We want to wish everybody a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.  The
Hanna football team beat
Northwestern Friday night 68-7.  The Hanna
football team will play
Dorman at home in the 3rd round of the AAAAA
Upper State playoffs at 7:30 Friday night
. Radio will be at this home
game.  We all will be  watching the Clemson Tigers on Saturday night.  
Go Tigers.

Radio, Cool Rock and I
were at Sam's Club in Anderson Saturday,
November 17th collecting donations for the Anderson Salvation Army
Boys and Girls Club.  
We had a very successful day.  We want to thank
Sam's Club for giving us this opportunity to help this ministry.  
Radio is
attending school each day except on Tuesdays and he attends Special
Populations to go bowling.  Radio, Linda and I will go to Tony's Friday for lunch.  
We look forward to this each week.     

The 2018-2019 Hanna football schedule is on our website now.  Radio, Cool
Rock and I are at all of the home games.  We love to have visitors come and be
with us.

If you have not read our article, "Someone to Lean On" written by Gary Smith, a
Sports Illustrated Senior Writer now retired.  Our article is in his book "Beyond The
Game".  You can order the book on our website for $30.00 plus $5.00 shipping.  
Radio and I will personalize all books.  All the money from the books go to the
Outdoor Dream Foundation. Please check out the Outdoor Dream Foundation
website at  It is all about our sick children.    

We hope that all of you are having a great and blessed 2018.   

Please pray that God will guide and lead President Donald Trump and
Vice-President Pence as they lead our country each day.   Please pray for both of
these men's families.  God Bless America.  

Please pray for all of the people world wide to repent of their sins and accept
Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Please find someone in your community that has a special need and become
their friend.

Jesus Christ our Lord loves you.

In God We Trust.

Harold Jones