Photo Gallery
Special Olympics
Every year Radio participates in the Special Olympics.  He has done this for many years.  He
participates in the 100 meter run and the softball throw.  He usually finishes in the top 4 in the 100
meter (above - left).  Most years he wins the softball throw (above - right).
Hanging out with Coach Jones
Every year, Coach Jones and Radio are Bell
Ringers for the Salvation Army.  Bell Ringers
help raise money for the Salvation Army during
the Christmas Season.
Radio and Coach Jones enjoying a "ride"
on Coach Jones' son-in-law's Harley .
Like every high school student, it is an exciting
day for Radio when the school yearbook comes
A Photo Shoot
The Anderson Independent (our local paper) did
a photo shoot for Coach Jones and Radio when
their popularity began to build after the Sports
Illustrated magazine article.
As you can see, Radio took the task very
seriously.  They had a lot of fun with it.
On the Movie Set
Coach Jones, Mrs. Jones and Radio made many
trips to Walterboro, SC during the filming of the
movie.  It was very interesting and enlightening
for everyone.
Sarah Drew who played the Jones'
daughter Mary Helen on the set of
Ed Harris (Coach Jones in the movie) hugs Radio on
one of his visits to the set.  Director Mike Tollin is
standing in the background to the left.  All of the actors
and actresses were very gracious to all of us.